Bruno Mars, Collaboration, & Why You’re Trying Too Hard

Bruno Mars & The Smeezingtons Two years ago while in Los Angeles for some songwriting sessions I crossed paths with Bruno Mars.  With him was Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine who collective go by “The Smeezingtons”.  The three shared with me a short version of their journey in the music industry: Bruno getting dropped from […]

Miami At Night

Why we got thrown out of a Miami hotel…

his weekend I was in beautiful Miami, Florida.  Sunday night after ordering the WORST supreme pizza I have ever had (and no, it’s not just cuz I’m used to NYC, my Dutch friends thought it sucked too…sorry Miami your pizza is awful), I headed for the elevator and pushed “up” (my all-time favorite button).  I […]


How I Make $5,000/mo on the side

making money online is actually stupid easy…. The problem is, no one is going to tell you that…. Here’s how it works: You get high quality target traffic (people visiting a site) You direct them to a landing page that captures their email address You then send them periodic emails and promote an offer to them […]

World's Sexiest Music Festival

The World’s Sexiest EDM Festival

Electronic Dance Music events are well known for drawing scantily clad men and women in large numbers. Whether rain or shine, ravers often plan on following the dress code of bedroom casual. But there’s one festival in the world where clothing concerns are cast aside – literally. Welcome to KaZantip. KaZantip is held on a […]

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