World's Sexiest Music Festival

The World’s Sexiest EDM Festival

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Electronic Dance Music events are well known for drawing scantily clad men and women in large numbers. Whether rain or shine, ravers often plan on following the dress code of bedroom casual. But there’s one festival in the world where clothing concerns are cast aside – literally. Welcome to KaZantip.

KaZantip is held on a little-known peninsula that juts into the Black Sea of Ukraine. Sounds cold, but since it’s held in the month of August the festival actually sits at a toasty 86 degrees. Perfect beach weather, as I’m sure these folks could tell you.

Worlds Sexiest EDM Music Festival

With all the incentive to strip down, it’s not surprising that free love is held as a central tenet of the republic’s culture. Public nudity on the 15 Crimean acre peninsula is not only welcomed, but tacitly encouraged, and we imagine such conditions make it easy for people to find their long lost soul-mates. People who do find love are entitled to participate in Kazantip’s very own marriage institution: the aptly named “FAST MARRIED.”

Kazantip Sexy EDM Festival


Mmm you smell great… What was your name again? Natalia? Natasha? Say… do you want to get FAST MARRIED?

From the festival’s website, “FAST MARRIED validates relations between kaZantip party land citizens. The citizens who have fallen in love with each other can enter into fast marriage (union in heaven), i.e. have a ceremony of FAST MARRIED. Unions in heaven is not limited in number or gender. The marriage is valid for however long love lasts.”

That last sentence sounds pretty practical to me, and I’d like to point out that we have a “fast married” in the U.S. too – it usually happens in Las Vegas, and usually doesn’t last very long.

Like Burning Man, KaZantip could easily be taken for a giant 6-week-long nudist colony, but it is actually a dance music festival. In 2013 the lineup boasted over 300 DJs to fill out 14 stages during the hot days and tantalizing nights. Understandably, many of the DJs at KaZantip are natives to Russia or other parts of Europe, but some of them are world-class heavy hitters: Skrillex, Ferry Corsten, and Markus Schulz all made recent appearances.

The first event in 1995 was primarily a way for windsurfers to unwind after a long day on the waves. After a few years the founders decided to invite some trance and techno DJs to liven up the atmosphere – and at some point people decide to start taking off their clothes – thus it evolved into the salacious festival we see today.

2014 is slated to be the biggest year for the virtual republic yet, and with tickets starting at a paltry 80 Euros (that’s about $160 USD), it’s hard to find a reason *not* to go to what is undoubtedly the sexiest EDM festival in the world.

You can learn more about KaZantip, including the 2014 lineup, lodging details, and how the heck to get there, at the official website.


See you in the Ukraine!

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