Tim White Reveals New Single 'Never Say A Word'

Tim White - Never Say A Word Album Art Teaser

New Single Never Say A Word Set for Release June 21st

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June 21, 2024 (Los Angeles, CA) - Breakthrough artist Tim White shares an electrifying new single entitled “Never Say A Word,” out now.

In relationships, certain events can transform ordinary moments into unforgettable memories. "Never Say A Word" captures the essence of these moments with a sexy, energetic, and happy vibe. The track is a summer anthem embodying the carefree spirit of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," blending sultry LA vibes with infectious dance beats. Tim White, originally from New Brunswick, NJ, and now based in West Hollywood, CA, has created a sound reminiscent of Grey and Chainsmokers.

“Never Say A Word” was crafted with contributions from Scott Stallone and Tomi Fallenius, bringing a unique slacker LA vibe mixed with a dance beat that transports listeners to Vegas nights. The track was perfected by renowned mixer Ariel Chobaz and masterer Randy Merrill.

To celebrate the release, Tim White will drop the lyric video on July 12th and the official music video on July 22nd. Fans can get a sneak peek of the song with a TikTok pre-release on June 14th. With over 4.5 million Spotify streams and 70 million UGC streams, Tim White’s influence continues to grow. Supported by a major influencer campaign and a Spotify Marquee spend, "Never Say A Word" is set to be an unmissable summer smash. Check out the press photo

HERE and explore additional assets HERE. Upcoming plans include the release of his next single “The One” on September 6th. Stay updated by following Tim White on TikTok and Instagram.

Join Tim White on this thrilling musical journey and make “Never Say A Word” your summer soundtrack.

About Tim White:

"Let's fall in love for the night," croons Tim White in his upcoming single "Never Say A Word,". That mantra, speaks volumes of the transient yet profound connection that exists within the realms of electronic music.

Growing up in New Jersey, White was already deep in this love affair. At 13 he began DJing and spent most of his teenage years playing night clubs across New York, and Philadelphia. It was here, amid the pulsating lights and the collective energy of the crowd, that he learned invaluable lessons about what resonates on the dance floor. Each night was a laboratory, a place to experiment and understand the intricate dance between DJ and audience, discovering what draws people in and keeps them there, locked in the moment and perfectly in sync with the beat.

Tim's musical journey, however, began much earlier, at the tender age of 8, with an act as innocent as borrowing his sister's Britney Spears CD. It wasn't just the music that captured his imagination but the liner notes within. Spotting Max Martin's name, Tim had an epiphany — "music producer" was a real job, a possibility, a calling. This revelation wasn't just a fleeting childhood fantasy; it was the moment he found his life's direction.

Tim White's career in the electronic music scene is marked by strategic releases and significant collaborations. Beginning with his notable singles "Take Me Over" and "California" in 2014, White captured audience attention with over 70 million UGC streams. His early success was followed by the "All This Noise" EP, showcasing his versatility and depth.

White's relationship with Armada Music started shortly after, leading to collaborations like "Revival" with Tom Fall and "Sober" with Jochen Miller & Tom Fall. His track "The Deep End", in collaboration with Cosmic Gate, was released on Black Hole Recordings and premiered on Armin Van Buuren's A State Of Trance radio show.

Beyond his artist releases, White's skills as a songwriter and producer have contributed to projects for major electronic acts like We Are Loud and Justin Prime. His consultancy work for brands, including a Clio Award-winning contribution to Hulu's Pride Fest, showcases his creative expertise beyond the music scene.

Set to continue his influence in the industry, White is gearing up for the release of "Never Say A Word" on June 21st, 2024. His career exemplifies a dynamic blend of artistic talent and strategic insight, making him a formidable figure in the electronic music world.